sensory deprivation

Yesterday, for roughly 2 hours, I went into a sensory deprivation tank, and almost turned into a monkey. The experience was somewhere inbetween therapy and torture in the same way that a deep tissue massage hurts a bit, but you feel better afterwards. I enjoyed floating, but closing one’s eyes in a salt bath and you’ve got 80% of the experience.. . for 1/50th the price.

Prop 8

civil rights

Today the California Supreme Court upheld a proposition that restricted the definition of marriage to be strictly between a Man and a Woman. This made a lot of people upset and rightfully so… who owns the definition of a marriage?! Certainly not the state.

This photo is of the march on its way towards Yerba Buena.. a park immediately across from a Catholic church.

Exeter Reunion

Exeter, alumni

I went to my high school reunion this weekend and I had a great time. It was inconvenient to travel to New England, but definitely worth it. I hadn’t seen some of my classmates since graduation… and my how we’ve grown. I’m pleased to say that all of my friends are studying worthwhile topics or engaging in exciting ventures and all of my adversaries are ridiculous.

I was most excited to see how my dormitory had changed. This past year Main Street had only 2 preps and 5 of their seniors were kicked out. It’s disappointing to hear of seniors getting kicked out, hopefully they didn’t cause anyone great harm and learned from their mistakes.

Lastly, I heard dorm grill was in the red. Perhaps they should offer more appealing combo meals?! Here’s what I sold my senior year and it seemed to work out:

The Singaporean 1 Hot Pocket, 1 Soda $1.75
The Fatass 3 Slices of Cheese, 1 IBC, 1 Gusher $4.15
The Tiankai Liu 1 Power Bar, 1 Soda $1.75
The Sampler 1 Slice Cheese, 1 Slice ‘Roni, 1 IBC $3.00
The All-Nighter 1 Snickers, 1 Twix, 1 Hershey’s $1.75
The Flip (very fruity) 1 Gusher, 1 Fruit Snack, 1 Juicy Fruit, and 1 Soda $1.50



I just had a bowl of snap peas that were delicious. In roughly 3 weeks I will have grown a strawberry! I made this collage with Panolab, an iPhone application Tom made.