Singaporean Slinging


The Raffles Hotel is known for its Singaporean Sling, but I was most impressed by the fans! No rotary fan blades here… just hand fans and a pushrod.

Johor Bahru

Malaysia, photography

This weekend I headed up to Johor Bahru with my coworkers on Viki. Going to Malaysia seems akin to a trip to Canada for a Mainer; except, it turns out to be a country where you need proper papers. I was stopped at the Singaporean border for forgetting my entry visa in my apartment… whoops. Fortunately, Singaporeans are accommodating so they checked my numbers and I was good to go.

Crossing borders is hard work… this is a picture of Sunjin saying he’s hungry and we should find some food & beer. (He doesn’t talk too much)

Apparently a notable part of Johor Bahru is its Duty Free “Zon”. Their website does a better job of selling the excitement than I do…

New Camera!

Singapore, photography

I’d like to consider myself a photography hobbiest, so picking out a new camera is a fun activity. I loved the photos I took while backpacking with an SLR, but I found this camera to be too cumbersome — it hardly fit in my massive backpack. The new micro four thirds format is smaller than SLRs and more powerful than a compact, but still too big to fit in any pocket. I need a camera that I can leave in my backpack and I’ll always have it around, so I bought a Canon S95. Here are a few of my first shots:

Getting ripped off in Sim Lim is a lot of work so I went out for some food. A local shared a table with me at the nearby hawker center.

Euro Travels

Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, photography

I ended up sleeping on several East Coast couches before heading off to England, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain. This was my first trip across the Atlantic so it was a serious introduction to European culture. It’s hard to understand what a monarchy is before seeing palaces firsthand. Government buildings in the states simply aren’t gilded.

As far as planning goes my journey began with little more direction than a round trip ticket from New York City to London. What was I going to do?