Maine, cars, license plates


Holy hell! I was just dicking around on and I saw this. Apparently I wasn’t seeing things. That kid rules!!!

The other day my parents entertained the idea of getting me a car next year. Next summer I’m probably going to get a job somewhere other than Maine, so a car would be pretty helpful. Deciding what car I’m going to cop was pretty easy… I wanted a car with gull-wing doors, which was my only requirement. Turns out there are only two cars with gull-wing doors, and one of them cost around $250,000. That narrowed my options down to one car: The DeLorean. I think the DeLorean is a sweet car for three reasons: 1. It has gull-wing doors. 2. I can do donuts with one foot on the ground like in the Cash Money Millionaires video Get Your Roll On. 2. Whenever I’m bored I can strap a whole bunch of random shit to it and pretend I’m from the future – something I plan to do on a daily basis.

Now that I had figured out what type of car I wanted I needed to decide something equally important… the license plate. I kind of want something that will say something about how frigging awesome it is…

I’m positive that’s the license plate for me, but I found some other pretty sweet license plates that are available…

I’m definitely getting this once I have two sweet cars… like two matching Subaru Foresters… something like that.

For people with road rage:

I have some really gangster friends; I think they would like these:

Finally, this is one of the most ridiculous plate I can think of. I swear I saw someone with the license plate the other day. BUT since it’s available they must have spelled it differently, or I was hallucinating. For all of those who don’t know what BUKKAKE means they can look it up here.

Well, yeah that’s it for license plate fun… if you want to make some Maine license plates you can do so here.